ACE ZAGREB 2020                                   18th and 19th October 2020

International Arts and Creativity in Education Conference

Since 2019 in coorganization of Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb and in partnership with the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Academy of Music and the School of Applied Arts and Design the conference presents contemporary trends in the fields of art and education. 

ACE ZAGREB Conference  offers heterogeneous content from different fields of artistic creation (dance, music, fine and dramatic arts, literature and new media). We tend to gather wide international community of artists, scientists, professors, teachers, educators, pedagogues, postgraduate doctorate and specialization students and other academic citizens with a goal to exchange and generate new creative ideas, to present scientific and artistic projects, to exchange knowledge about approaches and innovations in the field of arts and education and to establish cooperation.

 ACE ZAGREB 2020 conference offers 

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ACE ZAGREB 2020 18th and 19th October 2020

2nd International Arts and Creativity in Education Conference Zagreb

The concept of lifelong learning has been present in the society for a long time and for the last few years has developed in the artistic area too, promoting the rights and abilities of individuals to choose and develop their artistic potentials according to their possibilities but not concerning age, talent and capabilities. There are many undeniable, and luckily, publicly recognized benefits of arts: development of young children, better understanding and learning of teaching content in primary, secondary and higher education, enrichment of life experience in middle and older adulthood to third-age learners, and prevention and healing among learners. The following theme and subtopics, and guiding questions, frame the 2020 conference and these are offered for your consideration. We welcome your presentations in different forms at ACE Conference which will offer some answers, solutions, and insights to new practices and projects guiding the future of art education. Once more we will come together to advance education, transnational partnerships, and human betterment through art and creativity.

Lifelong Learning -conceptual, methodological and practice-based approaches to cultural, historical and philosophical aspects of lifelong learning

Lifelong learning in contemporary world

Arts as a medium for creating basis for lifelong learning from kindergarten to post-secondary to community art education

Lifelong learning trough arts after the formal education

Art, lifelong learning and research trough arts